Breckenridge 1888 Augmented Reality Tour

About the tour

Breckenridge, Colorado's oldest town west of the Continental Divide, was founded by a group of hardy miners during the Pikes Peak Gold Rush. For nearly 100 years, the town lived and died by mining. This virtual tour transports you to 1880s Breckenridge, the height of the mining era. Check out a mining camp turned ghost town, see the longest operating mine in Breckenridge and hear how the railroad traversed high mountain passes year round. This augmented reality experience is highlighted by a 360 re-creation of downtown in 1888. Your guide Edwin Carter, local museum founder and prospector, shares stories of life in early-day Breckenridge. Hear how fires threatened town, learn about Breckenridge's first civil rights leader and understand the harsh reality of living high in the Rocky Mountains during the long, cold winters. Presented by the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance in partnership with Timelooper.

What to expect

This first-of-its-kind immersive augmented reality experience in Colorado can be downloaded and viewed for free from anywhere in the world. Just search the app store for "1888 Breckenridge."

NOTE: This experience is currently only available via the app store (iPhone 7 and up or iPad 3rd gen and up). It will be available via Google Play eventually but they are much slower to review and approve new apps right now - we'll post as soon as android users can download the app!

Best for

History lovers, teachers, and students near and far. 

What is the BHA?

The Breckenridge Heritage Alliance preserves unique historic resources in the Breckenridge area and connects residents and visitors to our past through inspiring interpretation of heritage sites and stories. 


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