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The BHA is in the process of collecting digital photographs that showcase how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the Breckenridge community. Can you help? We're asking Breckenridge residents to donate digital photographs that illustrate the crisis on a local level.



1) Photograph(s) should document a place, situation, or message that specifically showcases how COVID-19 has impacted you as a resident and/or worker in Breckenridge (i.e. empty streets, shuttered storefronts, signs, social distancing).

2) Include a caption (why is this image meaningful) and description (location, date, people) with the image. This can be included in the form below, on each photo, or as a separate attachment.

3) The focus of this project is capturing digital photographs. If you have something else, like artwork, a memento, written work, or an audio-visual piece that captures your personal COVID-19 story, please email Kris Ann at

4) We are looking for first-hand accounts and personal experiences. Please refrain from submitting opinions or editorials.

To submit photos please complete the form below. Please email Kris Ann at with any questions. THANK YOU!

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