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Connect with Breckenridge, Colorado History - Part 2

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Connect with Breckenridge, Colorado through a special event, history tour or talk offered by the local experts at the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance. Offering something for everyone, this wide variety of talks and tours touches on music, architecture, Victorian tradition, paranormal hauntings, gold mining history and native plants. In this article, we highlight the events and tours coming up late-July through the end of the summer 2019 season.

Paranormal Investigation: Friday, July 26th; 7– 9pm

Ghosts and spirits are commonly found at the Briggle House Museum according to medium and Paranormal Investigation leader Trevor Baringer. In addition to the original homeowner Katie Briggle, or Kathleen as she prefers to be called, other spirit visitors include Peter, a mischief-maker who is avoiding his grandmother in the afterlife, and William Briggle, Kathleen’s husband, the only person confirmed to have died in the house. Other spirits come through from time to time - old miners from Breckenridge’s history as well as contemporary spirits responding to current family queries. Friday, July 26 is the final Paranormal Investigation of the summer until the haunting season begins in October. Advance reservations and payment are required.

Tiny Porch Series with Breck Music: Thursdays, July 31st and August 7th; 6pm

Breckenridge’s historic homes come alive with music and storytelling at these free mini-concerts sponsored by Breckenridge Music. Local story-tellers share a piece of Breckenridge history combined with music commissioned specifically for the event. As composer Max Wolpert describes it: “To tie together the musical traditions of the Festival with local history, storytelling, and architecture is a perfect way of encapsulating what makes the community special.” Dr. Sandra Mather takes on the persona of Anna Sadler Hamilton at Milne Park, Rick Hague tells the story of the naming of Breckenridge at the Barney Ford Museum, and Leon Littlebird shares tales of the indigenous music of Colorado. These events are free with a suggested donation of $5/person.

Victorian Tea at the Briggle House: Saturday, August 3rd; 2–4pm

Calling cards and strict etiquette were part of the ritual of the Victorian Tea, enjoyed by women of Breckenridge’s upper classes in the gold mining era. Dr. Sandra Mather teaches guests the finer points of what having tea with Kathleen Briggle would have been like as she shares tales of a ladies life in Victorian Breckenridge. Explore this lovely historic home and then enjoy an authentic tea service complete with homemade treats. The Victorian Tea is offered select dates through the year but this is the last for the summer season so be sure to book soon. Advance reservations and payment are required.

Historically Speaking Library Lecture Series - Edible Wild Plants: A Historic Perspective with Erica Davis: Tuesday, August 6th; 7–8:30pm

Erica Davis, also known as the Wild Food Girl, is an experienced forager and teacher of wild food plants. Her fascination with the plant foods that our forebears and Native peoples used led her to find and utilize these same species today, including pine nuts from Colorado’s pinyon country and serviceberries found in Summit County. Some of the same plants sown by early European settlers in this region – rhubarb, horseradish and chives – can be found around historic homes in Breckenridge today. Erica is enthusiastic about her craft: “There’s something really exciting to me about the idea that the same rhubarb plant I found in the vacant lot in my town, and baked into a pie, may have been tended by several generations of hands before me.” She will share information about edible wild plants in our region, their historic context, and how best to prepare wild foods. Learn more about Erica and her wild food adventures at her blog, This event is free and open to the public. South Branch Library, 103 South Harris Street, Breckenridge, CO

Theobald Award for Historic Preservation Reception: Thursday, August 8th; 4:30-6:30pm

Who will be honored in 2019 with the prestigious Theobald Award for Historic Preservation? A behind-the-scenes person, this contributor has worked tirelessly to help preserve and maintain many of our historic treasures and sites. Please join BHA and Robin and Patty Theobald to celebrate historic preservation in the Breckenridge area. Past winners include Rich Skovlin, Dr. Sandra Mather, and Tony Harris. Reception begins at 4:30pm with the awards presentation at 5:30pm. This event is free and open to the public. Barney Ford Lawn, 111 East Washington Avenue, Breckenridge, CO

written by Leigh Girvin

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