Poppy and Dude Explore Historic Breckenridge, CO: Episode 2

June, a tour guide and museum docent with Breckenridge Heritage Alliance, brings history to life as she and her four-legged friends, Poppy and Dude, explore our historic downtown. In this episode they check out the Blue River that runs through downtown (it's still a bit frozen now, but is flowing under the ice!). The river didn't look like this in the mining era when gold-gobbling dredge boats tore up the riverbed to extract riches hidden in the rocks. June explains the mining process and the stream restoration project to return the river to a more natural habitat. All historic images are from the Mather Archives.

What is the BHA?

The Breckenridge Heritage Alliance preserves unique historic resources in the Breckenridge area and connects residents and visitors to our past through inspiring interpretation of heritage sites and stories. 



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