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Time it Was: Memoir of a Modern Pioneer by Nonnie Thompson

Updated: May 17, 2022

And what a time it was! This book is a Must Read for all of us!—

Nonnie Thompson’s moving story is about as genuine as they get. In 1971 at the tender age of 17, Nonnie ran away from her parents’ home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, looking for the freedom and wildness of the cultural revolution. Hitchhiking from Frisco to Breckenridge, Colorado, a ski town of rumored possibilities, she found the new life she was looking for in a commune with others who shared her ideals. This story is about a brave young woman who journeyed through the 70’s with all the things you thought you might know about the Hippie Generation (but probably don’t!). Living off the grid, on the land and back to nature was the goal of so many in those days, and though many aspired to that, few attained it. Nonnie was one of the gutsy few who did!

This touching story is the dredging up of the sweet with the sour, hope and disappointment, happiness and sadness. Throughout this moving memoir the theme of adventure and possibilities run strong. Some paths require more than we ever signed up for, but this brave young woman found joy in the sacredness of love, friendship and motherhood, and overcame the odds. Nonnie Thompson is a gifted writer and storyteller; I could not put this book down. And I had already read it once before!

This book is available for purchase at Amazon and other online retailers.

Book Review Written by: Sherrie Calderini

January 2021

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