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In honor of the Theobald family’s long-standing history in Breckenridge and their commitment to historic preservation and heritage tourism, the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance is pleased to announce the Theobald Award. Started in 2012, the award recognizes a person, business or project that has made an outstanding contribution to historic preservation in the Breckenridge area. 

Nominees must meet at least one of the Nomination Criteria (listed below) and the contribution must be above and beyond the scope of required or paid work. Nominees are not required to live in Breckenridge. Current members of the BHA Board of Directors are not eligible to receive the Theobald Award. Narratives should provide evidence of the nominee's contributions and commitment to the history of the Breckenridge area. Please list specific achievements and demonstrate how the nominee exemplifies the spirit of the Theobald Award. Please attach photos or other supporting documents as needed.

Nominations are due by FRIDAY MAY 1, 2020.  Please email us with questions.

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